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Brick & Block (CMU)

     Over time, Denver masonry can become cracked and deteriorated, leading to loose bricks, voids in brick, cracks, and crumbling bricks. As bad as it may look, not all instances of masonry deterioration require extensive restoration. In some cases, patching of the mortar joint (Tuck point) may be enough to restore the beauty and durability of your structure.

     Cracked, broken & eroded mortar does not just look bad, but it can affect the integrity of the Denver masonry structure. Depending on the level of deterioration, the crumbling brick or block may allow moisture or leaks into the structure itself. Additionally, once deterioration of this nature begins, it often spreads very rapidly. If ignored, it can lead to the need for removing and replacing whole sections of masonry, which would be much more expensive to repair. 

Villa Masonry LLC guarantees that we will build you a home in which wonderful memories can be made. Whether it is a small scale renovation or a completely new commercial project, we guarantee you will love your new living space or work area. Come experience our high-quality construction for yourself. Schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation in which we will work together to talk about your vision and evaluate your needs for your home.

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