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Fireplace & fire pits

  Customize your home with a new/restored fireplace or fire pit to fit the needs of you and your family. Whether it be a fireplace added to your family room for that extra family time, or one added to your bedroom to cozy up with that special someone when the snow is falling. With the raising cost of natural gas why not warm your home while adding beauty and raising the value of your property.

 We do anything from custom build and design to restorations on existing fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and fire pits. We have also completed many restoration projects in historical neighborhoods, and we have references to back us on our work.

**In Colorado we enjoy a wide variety of natural stone to work with. From red, brown and orange flagstone to all of the subtle shades in limestone and sandstone your artistic palette is endless.

Of course with river rock, coral and moss rock the inherent qualities of these stones help shape the final character of your home.

With Villa Masonry LLC we will work with you, your architect and builder to create a unique and pleasing statement.

Denver's Premier choice in masonry construction

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